Who are the community makers?

Q Who is responsible for the development of this community?
Frank Scarpitti
on collaboration

Politicians help guide how a city is shaped and reshaped over time. In Markham, inspired by visionary planners and developers, they used their policy-making skills to ensure a shared vision became reality.

Mary Frances Turner
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Urban planners help create communities and revitalize towns, cities and counties. In Markham, they helped create a long-term plan for growth and revitalization. This was about finding the best use of land and resources for residential, commercial and recreational purposes.

Mark Schollen
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In a region that disdained anything high-rise, residents came to embrace - and applaud - new tenets of development that would forever alter their surroundings and enhance their very way of life.

Christopher Bratty
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Developers buy land, finance real estate deals, build projects, create, control, and orchestrate the process of development from beginning to end. In Markham, they understood the region’s potential as a mixed-use community of the future. To do this, developers had to re-think development.